Week 3 Stat Pack Podcast: Which 2-0 Teams are Serious Contenders?

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Sep 19, 2013

Stat Pack Podcast

By Adam Dobrowolski
Cold Hard Football Facts Chief Mathletics Adviser

You know what the pundits tell you after two weeks of the NFL season. If a team is 2-0, it's likely that the playoffs are in the future. If a team is 0-2, then it's time to hit the panic button. History shows only the latter holds some serious truth. Only eight teams since realignment in 2002 made the postseason after an 0-2 start.

Meanwhile, 71 teams made the playoffs after a 1-1 start, as opposed to 53 teams with a 2-0 start. In reality, a 2-0 start doesn't guarantee much. After all, a two-game sample size is quite small, so we don't know what exactly to believe just yet.

However, Mathletics can offer some insight for the eight 2-0 teams. Two teams fall in rare, unimpressive company as the Patriots hold a +5 point differential and the Bears hold a +4 point differential. Of the previous 14 teams to hold this low of a point different through a 2-0 start, only one team (the 1988 49ers) won the Super Bowl. That team faced two 10-6 teams to start the season. The Patriots and the Bears don't seem to have the same early challenges, but we don't know just yet.

That and other factor play into the BUY and SELL of the eight 2-0 teams. What is still holding back Alex Smith despite his efficient play since 2011? Which quality stat sticks out like a sore thumb for the Houston Texans? Which team earned host Adam Dobrowolski's preseason Super Bowl prediction, and how they are living up to the hype?

Also, with a look at the Big Board (exclusive to CHFF Insiders), we find out what the Eagles and Chargers did that wasn't achieved in the same game last year. Meanwhile, with a look at the Intelligence Index, we offer our insight into the trade the league's most efficient rushing team just made in shocking fashion.


For those who are interested in checking out bits and pieces of this week's podcasts, every edition will include a "playlist" of sorts breaking down every segment from the podcast.

2:50 -- Mathletics from Week 2: BUY or SELL the 2-0 Teams

13:10 -- Big Look at the CHFF Big Board

18:20 -- Week 2 Review of the Intelligence Index

24:50 -- Week 2 Review of the King of Props

27:05 -- Week 3 Preview via the Intelligence Index

31:20 -- Six Pack of Top Games for Week 3

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