Super Bowl Sunday! Final Mancathalon Standings!

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Feb 06, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday I slept in.  I vaguely remember noises in the room that I decided to sleep through. At one point, I opened my eyes a smidgen and I saw the glare of some light source reflecting off Billy’s head. My tired brain told me to close my eyes again and go back to sleep. I did that.

When I did wake up around 9:30, Billy was gone to catch his flight home.

Quick Epic First Mancathalon update! It’s over! Our Epic First Games of the Mancathalon is in the books! It ends in a tie, Folks! Our three Legendary Mancathaletes waged war against one another in three of the most grueling, manly endeavors ever witnessed.  Each of our competitors bested the other two in one event.

  1. The One Minute Buffalo Wing Sprint was dominated by Frankie C.
  2. Billy Enright prevailed in The Grueling 10 Yard Dash through trickery and video magic probably learned on the dangerous and damnable streets of New Jersey.
  3. Kerry Byrne viciously cut down his opponents in the Bourbon Street Hurricane Chug.  

Let’s celebrate our Mancathaletes! Three Manly Men willing to put it all on the line in a series of unbelievable challenges that tested their hearts, minds, and stomach linings.

What we witnessed here was history, Folks. There’s always a first one of everything and you have seen the birth of a new type of competitor. You’re welcome.

So, anyway, Billy went home. I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye so I tell you here, it was a pleasure, Bill. Great work, and Mancathalete to Mancathalete, I salute you.

I found Kerry in the lobby of the hotel working. He was working and had more to do. I went back to bed.

A hour later Kerry came back to the room. We had another event to go to. It was a pregame party sponsored by BowlBound Productions with Miss USA Nana Meriwether and Brande Roderick. and our friends from GoRVing.com and Bent's RV in Metairie, Louisiana.

We arrived in a monster 42-foot RV, the same one we had at our Friday bash at Barcadia.

The Bents were cool people and, small world, Mrs. Bent actually went to Boston College with Kerry. So it was like old times more than 1,000 miles from home.

We rode in like kings, and the caterers set up a major-league tailgate around the ride: a boat full of shrimp in front of the RV and a complete Louisiana tailgate to the side: shrimp & grits, pulled pork, jambalaya, corn bread ... just about everything Louisiana.

The party was a little less rockin’ than we expected but the food was amazing and we have fun wherever we are. We also got Miss USA behind the wheel of the RV and, down to our last case of Samuel Adams, shared a toast with Roderick.

Miss USA and Roderick were a rare combination: both very cool and smokin' hot at the same time.

We got out of there right before kickoff and headed back to the hotel. Kerry usually has a game credential, but this year with so much going on he took in the game like the rest of us, on TV. Admittedly, it's actually much easier to cover the game on TV than it is in person.

Just as we sat down at the bar, the game began. We all saw what happened in the first half. Baltimore completely dominated the game. It wasn’t even competitive. Something had to be done and there was only one man for the job. 

During the blackout we opted for a change of scenery and walked down the street to The Ugly Dog Saloon and Barbeque.

We got drinks and found a table where Kerry could hook up his computer. The game still hadn’t resumed. So we snapped that picture of me by the electric socket and suddenly we had people coming up to the table and joking with us.

A whole bunch of people in the bar followed suit, including Lovely Sarah, who apparently works as a waitress and decided to give us a list of every place in New Orleans we still need to eat at.

I think lovely Sarah liked us.

I haven’t mentioned it up to this point, but all the people I personally dealt with in New Orleans were just sweet. They were really good hearted, polite, friendly and proud of their city (which is a notion I completely understand).

Kerry and I watched the rest of the game there. I had to have had 3 or 4 shots of Jack and 3 or 4 beers but I felt pretty sober.

We headed back to the hotel after the game but found out that because the 49ers after party was being held In the building directly behind our hotel we’d have to walk around the block to get to our hotel.

Kerry got a little testy with the security guy that stopped us at the corner but I talked him off the ledge and got him moving down the street.

By the next corner, my buzz must have kicked in because when the guy stopped us and told us to walk another block, I launched into a red-faced stream of obscenity. Halfway through my rant, I noticed the gentleman’s badge and stopped. Miraculously, he let us through.

That’s how I wrapped up Super Bowl Sunday, incredibly relieved I wasn’t in a New Orleans drunk tank.

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