Super Bowl Champ Qadry Ismail Marvels At Awesome Power Of The Mancathlete

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Jan 28, 2013

We drove through New Jersey as fast as the law would allow just to be safe. You can’t be too careful. Then we pulled into Wegman’s parking lot in Abingdon, MD to prepare for our interview with Super Bowl XXXV Champion and Ravens analyst, Qadry “The Missle” Ismail.

Once into the lot, our seasoned tailgate team burst into action and turned the parking spaces next to our RV into a tailgate scene worthy of any concert or game.

We fired up the Samuel Adams charcoal grill and Kerry cooked his soon-to-be-world-famous Baltimore shrimp.

It’s so easy to refrigerate foods and carry cooking and grilling accessories in the RV.

Kerry and I have travelled all over the Eastern half of the country and the only way to get there is in an RV.

We’ve never partied in a supermarket parking lot before, but the party is wherever you are when you have everything you need with you.

So Qadry shows up and I’ll just put this out there right off the bat, this guy is out of this world cool. From the minute he got out of his car he was so friendly and engaging it was ridiculous.

We shoot our interview with him and we’re all getting along famously so we decide Qadry is the perfect guy to judge the next event in our Mancathalon. No one else could be worthy to judge our competition. Only one who makes sacrifices to be the best can understand what’s inside a Mancathelete. 

The 2nd event in the first ever Epic Mancathalon is the grueling 10 yard dash. Congratulations to Billy Enright for taking home 1st place. Frankie C. comes home with the silver and Kerry with the bronze. It was awful tough to hear New Jersey's state anthem during the ceremony. You Give Love a Bad Name is a good song, but it's no Dirty Water.

I was considering skewering Kerry’s mancatheletic prowess, but we both lost decisively to Billy, who I assume got so fast running for his life in the heart of Jersey. That was survival instinct speed. Hell, he could be half gazelle. You know how Jersey is.

Qadry is the man. He narrates the video of the challenge and interviews the Mancatheles at the end. He was a class act and he had a great sense of humor. We’ll be posting that video soon, so keep an eye out for it.

We had a brief technical snafu over last evening and night so this blog is a bit late, Folks. There's more good stuff to come today with several Manly Endeavors planned to test the mettle of these already legendary original Mancatheletes.

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