Stat Pack Week 6 Podcast: Dunce Caps for the Romo Haters

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Oct 09, 2013

Romo Deserves Credit

By Adam Dobrowolski
Cold, Hard Football Facts Mathletics Advisor

Well, we all saw that coming. No, not just untimely interception by Tony Romo in a nationally-televised battle for the ages, but the unfair criticism of one of the more reliable and efficients quarterbacks in the National Football League. Actually, after the reaction to Romo's interception in the final three minutes of a 51-48 loss to the undefeated Denver Broncos, the Romo hate officially jumped shot.

People really were blaming Romo for the loss. Yes, after a five-touchdown, 500-yard performance with a passer rating greater than 140, people still felt the need to pin a loss on the quarterback.

What we have here is a complete lack of critical thinking skills, and it's propegated by the clueless pundits who make up the Mainstream Media. From a loud-mouth fool from "First Take" who openly mocked Romo on Twitter (and yet still considers himself a professional journalist) to a former safety who claims to Romo's mentality when "choking" in the final two minutes (after said safety allowed one of the most notable Super Bowl plays in history, en route to the 18-1 Patriots), the Mainstream Media continuing to spit out drivel from the likes of Stephen A. Smith and Rodney Harrison completely clouds the picture on Tony Romo. We here at Cold, Hard Football Facts only provide icy truth. The facts show that while Romo makes his fair share of crippling mistakes, it's at a middle-of-the-pack rate among the best signal callers in the league. And with a league-best five fourth-quarter comebacks last year, we think this whole "choker" label is a myth that's better fit for the Stone Ages.

Unfortunately, this instance goes even beyond ignoring the facts. The pundits of the Mainstream Media, including the likes of Deion Sanders after having access to the highlight, outright ignored the situation of the play. On a routinely run tight end "in" route, Romo looked for Gavin Escobar. Escobar had a step on Danny Trevathan and back end defender. However, as Romo set his feet to make his throw, he was tripped by his own offensive lineman. As a result, Romo had little follow through on the throw, giving the split second for Trevathan to make a truly amazing diving catch. We should also note that this came on a three-man rush, and a shoddy block by Travis Frederick prevented Romo from stepping up in the pocket more. Yes, Romo had the check down wide open, but he understandably looked for something on a 2nd-and-16. This was part offensive line failure and part great defense. Romo simply had an aggressive decision backfire. It was not reckless.

As a result, host Adam Dobrowolski felt it was best for business to give a collective smackdown on the haters. This assault only be best summed up as a liberating leg drop, similar to that of American hero, the immortal Hulk Hogan. We're sure if we contacted the Hulkster himself, he'd be willing to lend a helping hand for his boys.

Hulk Hogan, LeBron James and Jerry Jones

Unfortunately for America, the Mainstream Media isn't the only group in the crosshairs. The Stat Pack also warns those who want to replace Matt Schaub for T.J. Yates on a dumb Texans team. While we understand the pathetic nature of the first ever "Pick-24" from four interception return touchdowns in as many games, the Texans cannot fully lay blame on Schaub for their mental shortcomings in 2013. Hint: We may want to more at the guy who made the choice to start Schaub over Yates after making a "tough decision."

Of course, the Stat Pack also has its usual look ahead, the Week 6 preview via our money-making Intelligence Index (available exclusively on our CHFF Insider... seriously, a one-week preview might cost you $9.95, but you'll get that back quickly if you learn about this stat) says that we have two very "smart" battles in cross-conference games. Also, we have a surprising smart battle between two 1-3 teams. Two of those makes up Dobrowolski's "Six Pack of Top Games."

We promise, this smackdown is quite epic. If only people like Stephen A. Smith and Rodney Harrison read up on their Cold, Hard Football Facts. Then need to go through this leg drop of epic proportions. We're just doing what's best for business.


For those who are interested in checking out bits and pieces of this week's podcasts, every edition will include a "playlist" of sorts breaking down every segment from the podcast.

2:30 -- The Mainstream Media "Intelligence Index": Leg Dropping the Tony Romo Haters

23:40 -- Mathletics from Week 5

28:15 -- Week 5 Big Board Highlights

33:30 -- The Six Pack Week 6 Power Rankings

37:00 -- Week 6 Preview via the Intelligence Index

41:40 -- Six Pack of Top Games for Week 6

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