Stat Pack Week 10: We Bully Miami's Failed Offensive Line

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Nov 07, 2013


By Adam Dobrowolski
Cold, Hard Football Facts Chief Mathletics Adviso

We kick off the Week 10 Stat Pack podcast by bullying Richie Incognito and the dismal Offensive Hogs of the Miami Dolphins.

Also, now that most teams are eight games through the season, it's time to put the money where the preseason mouth was talking.

Although there was no preseason Stat Pack podcast, there were some preseason expectations due to regression. Of note, the following were addressed:

  • The rookie quarterback class (Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson and even Nick Foles included)
  • The Colts' and Vikings' 2013 record
  • The Eagles' pass defense, including its TD% and DPR
  • The Bears' pass defense, including its INT return TD
  • The Dolphins' Bendability
  • Dez Bryant and Eric Decker's receiving numbers for 2013

To be blunt, not all the projections are living up to the billing. However, as it normally goes with the Mathletics, the majority of the predictions are well on track to being correct.

These projections go under the microscope for the mid-season Mathletics, but it's not the only projection we're doing on this week's Stat Pack. Host Adam Dobrowolski offers his six pack of teams that will be the best in the regular season's second half. This includes a pair of under .500 teams trying to make a playoff run and a quartet of contenders looking to hit a Super Bowl stride come January. Note that this doesn't project the season's end power rankings.

And, of course, there needs to be some commentary on another highly-publicized drama in the NFL: the reports claiming that Richie Incognito bullied his fellow offensive lineman Jonathan Martin. While Dobrowolski doesn't want to get into much discussion about the accusation, he will say two things: (1) a real man doesn't need to bully (and just doesn't do it, period), and (2) the Cold, Hard Football Facts give us a telling picture of the dysfunction on the Miami O-line. Check out those facts, baby, and become a CHFF Insider while you're at it.

Onto the fun, only with this week's Stat Pack!


For those who are interested in checking out bits and pieces of this week's podcasts, every edition will include a "playlist" of sorts breaking down every segment from the podcast.

0:45 -- A factual take on Richie Incognito and the Dolphins O-line

7:00 -- Mathletics from Week 9: Midseason Report Card

16:55 -- Week 9 Big Board Highlights

21:35 -- The Six Pack Week 10 Power Rankings: Second Half's Best Teams

29:45 -- Week 10 Preview via the Intelligence Index

32:30 -- Six Pack of Top Games for Week 10

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