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Cold, Hard Football Facts for Dec 22, 2012

Week 16 Stat Pack

Russell Wilson must be a very smart man, because his Twitter handle (@DangeRussWilson) provides such a historic accuracy to his rookie quarterback success. With Wilson under the helm, the Seahawks own a league-best 5-1 record quality opponents. Also, with a recent tear giving Wilson a sterling 114.87 passer rating in his last six games, he's joining Robert Griffin III among the best rookie quarterbacks in NFL history.

However, Wilson plays even more dange-Russ against quality opponents. In six games against quality opponents so far, Wilson completed 89 of 152 passes for 1162 yards with 11 touchdowns and only one interception. That results in a 104.11 passer rating and the distinction of as one of the league's biggest big-game quarterbacks. With a win Sunday night against the 49ers, Wilson will become the best rookie quarterback of all-time in big-game showdowns, according to "Stat Pack" host Adam Dobrowolski.

As Dobrowolski explains, Wilson could become the first rookie quarterback to defeat six quality opponents in the regular season. Meanwhile, he's reached this point with a 11:1 TD-to-INT ratio, something which can't be said for even the all-time greats in a single season.

This historic discussion highlights a special hour-long edition of "Stat Pack."

In the holiday spirit, Dobrowolski offers up a six-pack wish list for Week 16 that will treat all football fans. This includes bonus football Saturday night in Detroit, allowing Calvin Johnson to ride his sleigh  to history, and an early lead for the Vikings in Houston so they can follow a suggestive football scheme created by the 1986 Rams*.

Meanwhile, he discusses why "Tony Romo" and "clutch" belong in the same sentence, as well as why Matt Stafford should be in the hot seat as a former top draft pick. While Romo put together his third consecutive December fourth-quarter comeback, Stafford's career stats continues to drop towards the league-average mark since 2009. A quick relative passing study shows that Stafford plays a level or two behind 2008 draft stud Matt Ryan and even the much-maligned Joe Flacco.

Also, in what seems to contrast much of CHFF's recent statistical assertions about the league's "parity," Dobrowolski explains why the NFC opened up an unusually even playing field this season. Of note, every NFC owns a 3-1 stretch or better, while 13 teams suffered a losing streak at some point in 2012.

Finally, Dobrowolski delves into a six-pack of regression from Week 15, discusses his top six teams in the league right now, and previews six awesome match-ups for this weekend.

For those who are interested in checking out bits and pieces of this week's podcasts, every edition will include a "playlist" of sorts breaking down every segment from the podcast.

0:00 to 35:25 -- Six Pack of Statements

  • 1:05 -- Why Tony Romo is the most clutch QB in the NFL right now
  • 4:10 -- Why Week 15 was the most disappointing week in league history
  • 8:10 -- Why parity reigns supreme in the NFC this year, contrary to recent NFL history
  • 12:10 -- How Russell Wilson can become the best big-game rookie QB of all-time
  • 19:25 -- Why Matt Stafford isn't currently a franchise QB and should be on the hot seat
  • 26:45 -- Adam's six-pick wish list for Week 16

35:25 to 42:05 -- Six Pack of "Mathletics" Regression (Raiders DPR and scoring defense, Saints DPR and scoring defense, Patriots turnover streak, Cardinals Scoreability, Buccaneers run defense, Tony Romo's 2012 season and December passing efficiency)

42:05 to 47:30 -- Six Pack of the NFL's Best Teams (New England Patriots, Houston Texans, Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers, Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers)

47:30 to 59:30 -- Six Pack of Intriguing Match-ups in Week 16 (Bears pass D v. Cardinals pass D, Adrian Peterson v. Texans D-Hogs, Giants at Ravens, Drew Brees v. Tony Romo with Sean Payton's future in the balance, Bengals at Steelers, 49ers at Seahawks)


(*Note: In the greatest musical endeavor ever made by an NFL team, the 1986 Rams put together lyrical zingers such as:

Hollywood handsome Dodge City tough
If you throw it my way it's gonna get rough
I like to RAM IT as you can see
Nobody likes RAMMING any more than me


I'm a mountain man from West VA
They call me Herc and I came to play
I learned long ago to RAM IT just right
You can RAM IT all day and RAM IT all night


This is Big Daddy Hill take a look at my stock
I catch what they throw me and I like to block
I'm quick off the line as I can be
Cuz I don't want Dick runnin over me

-and, finally-

Toni's the name intimidating
Pass it my way I'll see you later
Quick on my feet the ladies agree
Before they know it they'll RAM IT with me

That's a family treat for the trolls out there!)

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