Stat Pack: Dallas Cowboys America’s (Dumbest) Team; Philip Rivers Epic Choke Job

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Oct 18, 2012

Adam Dobrowolski lays down the statistical hammer on the Cowboys, Chargers, Falcons, Patriots and more.

The phrase goes something like "you can't fix stupid."

Eagles, Chargers and Cowboys fans are learning that lesson the hard way, even if their respective head coaches are too dense to take notice. It's just another week, another disappointment for all threw teams.

In this week's edition of "Stat Pack," host Adam Dobrowolski detailed how the Cowboys somehow lost in Baltimore despite taking every meaningful possession into Ravens territory (hint: they are America's Stupidest Team).

He also says Andy Reid deserves to be fired for making a scapegoat out of the best coach on staff this season and breaks down the worst second-half choke by a starting quarterback in NFL history. Yes, it was that bad for Philip Rivers.

Meanwhile, Dobrowolski looks at two things that might not be as they seem: the Atlanta Falcons and Alex Smith.

What about NFL playoff history suggests that this isn't the year for a Super Bowl run in Hot-lanta? Why is Alex Smith likely due for more bad days in the office very soon?

Finally, the Patriots get exposed by a loudmouth, physical, yet truthful defensive back in a fall-from-ahead defeat in Seattle. Find out why that New England deserves the "gimmick" title.

This week's "Stats Pack" discusses all that and a trio of six packs to wrap up Week 6 and look ahead to the best Week 7 will offer. Listen in as Adam Dobrowolski busts out the NFL Game Rewind coaches' tape and cracks open a cold and hearty stat pack.

For those who are interested in checking out bits and pieces of this week's podcasts, every edition will include a "playlist" of sorts breaking down every segment from the podcast.

0:00 to 29:10 -- Six Pack of Headlines

  • 0:30 -- Dallas Cowboys: America's Stupidest Team
  • 8:35 -- Alex Smith: The Rough Times Have Just Begun
  • 13:25 -- Atlanta Falcons: Wait Another Year to Be Super
  • 17:30 -- Andy Reid: Fire Him Already!
  • 22:40 -- New England Patriots: It's a Gimmick Indeed
  • 26:05 -- Philip Rivers: Worst Second-Half Choke Ever

29:10 to 31:40 -- Six Pack of Top Players from Week 6 (Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin III, Aaron Rodgers, Chris Harris, New York Jets O-Hogs)

31:40 to 33:55 -- Six Pack of the NFL's Best Teams (Atlanta Falcons, Houston Texans, Chicago Bears, San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Ravens, Green Bay Packers)

33:55 to 39:30 -- Six Pack of Great Games in Week 7 (Packers at Rams, Jets at Patriots, Cardinals at Vikings, Redskins at Giants, Seahawks at 49ers, Ravens at Texans)

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