SI Swimsuit Model Jessica Perez: Frankie C.'s New Best Road Trip Bud

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Jan 27, 2013

The epic road trip to the Super Bowl got off on the right foot yesterday as the Boston contingent of the footballnation.com crew packed up our super sweet "Go RV'ing" RV and hit the open road. 

We had a stop to make back at Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse  to pick up some stuff we agreed to carry down to Manhattan for our buddy and all-around good guy Steve DiFillippo.

We got to Davio’s and of course I was hoping to see the new girl I’m in love with but is completely out of my league, Tania Pierce.  Tough luck for me, apparently Tania has a life outside of chance meetings with potentially dangerous stalker types.

He’s no Tania but we ran into Paul King. He’s the executive chef there at the restaurant and does a terrific job.  He didn’t cause my muscles to contract in some primitive mating reflex, but he did load us up with some delicious snacks for our trip.

Finally we get on the highway and put some miles under the tires of this fine RV. Our buddy Mikey Sheehan is along for the ride and has graciously agreed to be our wheel man.  We crank Mikey’s ipod up to “Bleeding Ear Drums” and start watching the miles roll by. 

We get into North Bergen, New Jersey around 10 p.m. and stop into The Nile restaurant.  We’ve got to be up and going at 4 a.m. to be at Fox News at 5 a.m. so we’re going to grab a quick bite and then test the RV’s sleeping capability.

Inside The Nile, we transported back as though by magic to the universe of Alladin.  The only thing missing is some lounge singer belting out “Midnight at Oasis” and maybe some customers outside of the three of us, the bartender and a young girl on a date being chaperoned by her mother.

Since I’ve been well behaved all day and because 4 a.m. comes early in the morning, I decide to celebrate my arrival in Jersey with a couple shots of Jack Daniels and a couple tasty Samuel Adams Boston Lagers.    

The bartender is friendly but steadfastly refuses to sit at our table with us, even after several attempts to convince her.  I have to admire her unwillingness to settle. 

At 11 p.m. we wrap it up for the night and return to our rolling castle for some rest.  Mikey chooses the full size bed over the cab of the RV.  Kerry grabs the full bedroom in the back.  I pop the living room couch down into bed position and jump in.  We’ve got the generator cranking out ample heat and the three of us slept like babies.

You know what’s funny about 4 a.m.?  Nothing.  We’re up and getting ready for our spot on Fox News “Fox and Friends” show. It’s as black as the middle of the night outside the RV and the thermometer reads 20 degrees, which between you and I feels much colder outside the cozy confines of our wheeled home. A thought occurs to me that we’re going to be outside a lot this morning.

It’s a quick little ride through the Lincoln tunnel to Times Square and just a block over from there to the studio. The city that supposedly never sleeps must be awake with its eyes closed at 5 a.m.  There’s no one to be seen anywhere.

We pull up outside of Fox News studios and bust out of the RV and get to work setting up our tailgate. It’s so cold out here. I can’t imagine how I ever used to work outside. I guess your skin gets thin as you age. I can feel it. I’m just thinking about sunrise and how maybe that’ll warm the air up.

Wonder of all wonders, the Davio’s crew shows up and the object of my latest infatuation is here! Suddenly it feels like it’s 85 degrees and sunny. I’m trying to figure a way to approach Tania and start up a conversation. We’ll never get married and have two point two children and a dog named Bruschi if I can’t talk to her. So, I go up and go for the showbiz hug. She’s not having it. She must have read Thursday’s blog, because there’s definitely a trace of fear in her eyes. The temperature plummets back to 20 degrees. 

The sun is up now, but surprise it’s no warmer.  Apparently there are these new inventions called skyscrapers that don’t allow for much light to make its way to the street. Someone somewhere should’ve mentioned this to me. It’s now 21 degrees.

Our very good friend Walter Schneider from Bayonne, NJ just showed up to help us get the tables set up and cheer us on.  Which is awesome, not only do we love Wally but more hands mean we can take turns getting back in the RV to warm up.

More help arrives in the form of our friend and fellow Mancathlete, Billy Enright.  All hands are now on deck.

Sports Illustrated swimsuit modem Jessica Perez is INSIDE OUR RV!  Is it hot in here or is it just Jessica Perez? Billy springs into action and we film our Hot Chicks with Super Bowl Picks segment. At one point, I have my arm around a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model on the couch of the RV. I could get used to this media thing. I really could. 

Finally 7:30 a.m. rolls around  and it’s time to film our segment. We even get to be on camera for a teaser spot that they run before the spot itself.

The spot airs and we get to break down the set.  Everyone packs up and we have some time to grab breakfast. A couple eggs, some coffee and 30 minutes of uninterrupted heat have me back to feeling downright frisky. 

We say goodbye to Wally, and the Davio’s crew (adieu Sweet Tania!) and we roll out of Manhattan.  As you read this update, we’re steaming through New Jersey (heads down everyone!) on our way to Baltimore to meet up with former Raven Qadry Ismail for another media spot.  We’ll check in again later.


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