Pointing the Gun at Bob Costas, Mike Lupica and Other Holier-Than-Thou Pundits

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Dec 03, 2012

by Patrick Imig (twitter.com/patrickimig)
Author of Pigskin Planet's Best Selling Novel "Pundit in the Crosshairs"

When tragedy strikes, it is the elite, the "holier-than-thou" who take advantage of the situation (some would call it exploiting the vulnerable) to preach from the pulpit.

Robert Quinlan Costas provided an example of this with hig gun-control-advocacy monologue during halftime of the Cowboys and Eagles. As previously stated by the CHFF's: "Nobody wins when the narrator capitalizes on a horrible crime that left two people dead and an orphaned child to thrust his political views onto his audience."

This isn't the first time we've been subjected to such narration, either. 

Four Things to consider: 

1. Costas has the right to his opinion.

2. I disagree with his opinion whole-heartedly.

3. Whether Costas crossd a line is subjective; that he put himself in front of the game is not. He did. He sucked the life out of the great halftime produced by Tony Dungy, Rodney Harrison and Dan Patrick.

4. With his actions, Costas pulled a Mike Lupica.

In 2009, Steve McNair was murdered by his 19-year old girlfriend. McNair was married at the time. That didn't matter at all, though, apparently. Not to Mike Lupica, anyway, who used the situation to front his agenda.

Here's the first line from Lupica's 2009 column titled "Steve McNair's famous face just another victim of American gun culture": 

"Steve McNair, dead by gun now in America"

See there? The gun had sex with McNair while he was married with children, then turned on him and killed him. 

The column continued to spew factual inaccuracies and flawed arguments. If you care to read it, be my guest. 

In the meantime, people who believe in freedom, liberty and security - and live in reality - will laugh at, point at and scoff at Robert Costas, Michael Lupica and other holier-than-thou pundit-fools. 



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