Pigskin Detention: Supporting Terrell Suggs' Conspiracy Theory

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Oct 02, 2013

By Patrick Imig
Cold Hard Football Facts Conspiracy Theorist (@patrickimig)

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs says the NFL and Roger Goodell had a hand in the lights going out at Super Bowl XLVII. Ray Lewis says the same thing.

I say we look at the recent track record of primetime NFL games, dating back to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XLVII - The lights mysteriously go out at the Super Dome with the Ravens firmly in control of the 49ers, leading 28-6. Thirty-four minutes later, the power outage is fixed and the 49ers make it a game, losing 31-24.

Week 1 - The season kicks off in Denver on NBC with a lightning delay. The NFL promised it would be 15 minutes, instead it was 32.

Week 2 - The Seahawks and 49ers are delayed at the 3:13 mark of the first quarter. The game was also on NBC 

Week 4 - The NFL replay system “stops working” with the Patriots leading the Falcons 30-13 in the second half of NBC SNF. The Patriots challenged a completion to Julio Jones. The Pats would have won the challenge and halted the Falcons.

Instead, Walt Coleman informed the world that the replay system was not working. The play stood as called and the Falcons reeled off 10 unanswered points before losing by a touchdown as the game expired and Roddy White and Matt Ryan failed to connect in the end zone.

As pointed out by the Colonel early this week, how does the replay system stop working when viewers at home can see the replays? And why doesn’t the NFL use tablets or Ipads like the rest of the world? Why does the official have to secretly look “under the hood”?

Is the NFL in the business of manipulating their national telecasts to stretch out advertising dollars, get people talking and keeping their primetime contests hotly contested and competitive?

You decide. But the fact is that the recent track record shows games that have been delayed and stretched beyond normal circumstances.

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