Penn State bans Sweet Caroline; a move without a purpose

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Aug 28, 2012

So have you heard this story? Penn State has banned playing "Sweet Caroline," the so-called "classic" sing-along song by Neil Diamond, at football games.

Apparently, the line "touching me, touching you" would be inappropriate in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sex scandal.

To which we respond: WTF?!

Are you serious? We understand the desperate need for the school to change its act and polish its ruined image. But what kind of sick bastard was going to equate the old sing-along standard with sick crimes?

You know who? Guys like Jerry Sandusky, that's who. But, hell, he's in jail.

If anything, the school should have banned it years ago, perhaps the day after school leaders possed up and dragged Sick-O down to the police station. Of course, that move never happened.

The decision today looks trite at best: gotta kill something as innocent as an old sing-along because the school screwed up so horribly years ago? It's a waste of time and energy with so many more important issues facing the school. 

We applaud the decision if only because the song sucks and should have been banned from every arena years ago. (Oops, can we say it sucks?)

But as some sort of mea culpa, it doesn't even come close to achieving any beneficial aim.






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