NFL Coaches Winter & Holiday Catalog

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Dec 13, 2013

NFL games in the snow are fun to watch for fans; just try telling these coaches how awesome it is.

Some coaches look natural in frigid conditions, while others look like they're modeling the NFL's heavy clothing line.


Get your hands on the Jason Garrett Undercover Op wardrobe, just $295!

Mission failure.


If there's one person who looks at home in frigid, shriveling weather, it's Bill Belichick. You can get your hands on Satan's headset for $695 and a two-year contract with Motorola. 


Not sure Land's End Catalogs still exist ... regardless, can you imagine the smell inside these Packers coats and trenches?

The Green Bay Dutch Oven will make you gag. Much more effective at smothering than the Packers defense. 


Let's have a conference to see if we can understand what our frozen lips and mouths are saying to each other. 


Tripping an opponent on the sideline has never looked so good ...


Purchase the Andy Reid Kool-Aid wadrobe and secure the power to break through brick walls and stop bank robbers!


Spend some time in the Frozen Tundra and you can wear the frozen Tom Coughlin look.

Mike Smith wearing it and wearing it well.

He'th tho cold and fwozen looking.

No word if Smith will thaw in time for Week 15 Sunday when the Falcons host the Redskins.


Respect for John Harbaugh ...


In which Chip Kelly lands a supporting role in Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

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