Marcus Vick Found Guilty of Stupidity in a Court of Internet Law

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Nov 06, 2012

by Patrick Imig (@patrickimig)

Cold Hard Football Facts Night Court Prosecutor

During the Eagles thrashing at the hands of the Saints on Monday Night Football, Michael Vick's brother Marcus took to the social media airwaves to voice his disdain and displeasure for the mess that is the Philadelphia Eagles.

At one point, Marcus demanded the Eagles trade the Brothers Vick out of Philly, a Tweet the Fresh Prince's Auntie no doubt frowned upon.

Soon after, the Tweet was removed and Marcus made light of the post. For evidence of Marcus' Tweet session go here

Before you shake your head and throw your hands up wondering why anything Marcus says is noteworthy, rest assured it isn't. 

But for the sake of conversation, let's impugn the integrity of the accused. 

Marcus Vick is the same man who once waved a gun at taunting fans in the parking lot of a Virginia McDonald's -- one day after declaring himself for the NFL draft in Jan. 2006. Perhaps this was his way of implementing the "billions served" slogan. 

One week earlier at the Gator Bowl, Marcus stomped on Elvis Dumervil's leg as if it was a flaming bag of poop on his front porch. Vick said it was an accident and said he apologized to Dumervil, although Elvis denied this fact.

The ultimate irony in the linked video above showing the accused stomping on Dumervil's leg is that brother Michael Vick is in the broadcast booth at the time. Just before the leg stomping, Michael says Marcus has taken "all the right steps" to improve as a quarterback. 

Beyond that, there is that whole pinata of molestation/DUI/fleeing the scene/contraband charges from 2006-2009. 

And the trade deadline passed already. 

So yeah ... I'm sure the Eagles will pay attention to Marcus' demands. A lot of credibility that guy has.

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