Incognito Martin Story Another Manufactured Drama From The Pundits

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Nov 07, 2013

During a week with no games, the mainstream sports media is always hungry and ready to pounce on the big story. So when a white guy bullies and abuses a black guy, it's full-go. 

I'm not defending what Incognito did or said, but let's be honest and consider that part of the reason this story won't go away is because it's chock full of black and white race issues.

Never mind that Incognito's teammates are defending him and not one black teammate has accused Incognito of being racist. I understand that Incognito used a racial slur, but so do rappers and that's never frowned upon by the holier-than-thou pundits.

The timing of Martin's decision to come forward along with the fact that he held onto the voicemails for so long is also highly questionable. A Boston Globe story suggests Martin might have plotted against Incognito.

Bottom line: ESPN and its partners in media crime have blown this story to the point that Brian Williams is reporting it on NBC Nightly News. And why ESPN feels the need to ask players such as Brandon Marshall about a situation he has no knowledge of is more fuel for the storyline fire.

And foolish writers online are crediting winning formulas in the NFL to a lack of hazing and bullying. Just a heads up to the writer: citing the Ravens and Giants as winning teams that don't haze is silly when their combined record in 2013 is 5-11. I'm not arguing teams should haze to win; I'm arguing that the writer's argument is veiled in nonsense.

The fact that I'm even bringing this up potentially makes me a hateful, vengeful and dare I say (shhh) racist person. 

At least according to the fools.


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