Husband Tasers Wife To Settle Bears/Packers Bet

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Nov 07, 2013

In sickness and in health. In victory and in loss. Till death and taser do us part. 

It's the classic love story. Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy. Boy loves Bears, girl loves Packers. Boy and Girl drink rail liquor at a sports dive bar during Monday Night Football and decide the losing team's fan deserves to be tasered. From the Chicago Tribune:

After the Bears beat the Packers 27-20, Grant and his wife, who police say had both been drinking, went outside to an alley next to the bar to smoke cigarettes. Grant tasered his wife twice in the buttocks while she filmed it with her cellphone camera.

Mayville police chief Christopher MacNeill said the woman was laughing during the first two taserings caught on video, but when Grant tasered her a third time in the thigh, this time not on video, she apparently considered that over the line. An argument ensued that led to the woman calling the police. 

"You can taser me honey, but just don't taser me in the thigh. You do not touch my thigh with that taser!"

"Hey! What did I just say!? Not the the thigh, damnit!"

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