Houston-Denver: The Statistical Backbone Of Our Real And Spectacular Pick

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Sep 20, 2012

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at CHFF Insider?

Check out the Houston-Denver game chart below, sizing up each team in all our indicators. We provide all this info, and so much more, for every single game.

We'll even give you a $20 discount on a season pass. Simply write to us here and ask: contact@coldhardfootballfacts.com.

Those charts are a big reason why Cold, Hard Football Facts real and spectacular picks boast three years of analytical excellence.

We are 82 games above .500 ATS over that period, picking every game, every week.

It's especially impressive considering that we make every pick while bathing in a cast-iron tub of Buffalo wing sauce.

It only stings for a little while.

If you're not familiar with our real and spectacular picks, or not a CHFF Insider, consider this chart a little sneak preview. 

The Redskins hottie is also a sneak preview: one real and spectacular hottie is included with every pick. Free!

We size up every team across the board in 20 different Quality Stats, in easy-to-read game charts. (There are 19 indicators right now; our final indicator, Quality Standings, can not be calculated until after Week 3.)

The image below is kind of a sneak preview into our take  on the Houston-Denver game, including our pick itself. The Texans are 2-point favorites on the road.



Each pick and game chart is preceded with (not in the image) our break down of all the data for each team. We do this for every game, every week, plus our picks straight up and against the spread.

The key to the game charts is that you know immediately where every team stands in each indicator. You can also look up each stats Correlation to Victory and its Predictive Rate of Victory. That's right: we tell CHFF Insiders how often each stat PREDICTS winners.

The CHFF Relativity Index, by the way, predicts winners all by its little lonesome in more than 70 percent of all NFL games.

It's powerful stuff: deep statistical analysis of each game, all in the entertaining CHFF style. Stat charts for each game. Predictive Rate of Victory. Correlation to Victory. Oh, and the amazing power of Spreadapedia, too: that's our searchable database of every score, point-spread, over-under line and game result since 1978.




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