Great Moments in Beer: 'Cheers' Debuted 30 Years Ago Today

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Sep 30, 2012

Sitcom classic "Cheers" debuted 30 years ago today, makin cult heroes of socially inept beer drinkers.


Sitcom classic "Cheer" debuted 30 years ago today, on Sept. 30, 1982.

It was a show about overweight and socially awkward friendless shut-ins who sat around all day drinking beer, eating bar snacks and spouting useless trivia. Their pals include a pair of mindless bartenders, a washed up old drunk of an ex-athlete, a slutty, foul-mouthed working class waitress and two slumming pent-up bar matrons. 

In other words, it was a show that largely made the Cold, Hard Football Facts crew what we are today.

Bottoms up, Cliff and Normie!

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