Cold, Hard Football Facts for Jan 24, 2013

Folks, it feels like just yesterday we were rocketing home from Indianapolis. No matter. Here we are again, being awesome.

It’s that time of the year, for Frankie C.’s excellent adventure, year #3. This is my 3rd year of being the luckiest townie in Quincy and the focus of this year’s blog is twofold. Firstly and most importantly, I want to be as clear as I can be that I’m grateful for being here. I’m the luckiest plus 1 in the history of mankind.

Secondly, we all are and need to recognize how awesome we are. So, on this awesome trip to this awesome city for this awesome event, we’re just going to go ahead and let the awesome fly. Be careful where you step, lest you step in a puddle of my awesome.

A lot of cooperation went into producing this year’s trip to the Superbowl, so I think we should make mention of Go RVing and Samuel Adams for partnering with Kerry and FootballNation.com. 

So, the initial plan for this year’s Superbowl extravaganza was to depart Quincy at 6:30 am today and do the NECN morning news show then jet to Manhattan for some other media on Friday morning. By the time I reached Kerry’s house at 6:30 this morning, the plan had changed completely.

Kerry announced that we’re booked for Fox and Friends on Fox News Channel Sunday morning at 7:20am.  We have to be there at 5:30am.  Until then we’ll do media around Boston and begin to complete the challenges of the first annual Superbowl Road Trip Mancathalon.

So, we loaded up the RV provided to us by GO RVing and headed over to NECN to shoot a segment on the morning news program. 

After shooting the spot and having a subdued party with the news team (no booze), we are now completing errands in advance of the new Saturday departure plan.

Errand #1 The first event of the Superbowl Road Trip Mancathalon  The Buffalo Wing Eating Contest.

We choose Cronin’s Public House as the scene of the competition.  There’s a lot of bravado floating around between Kerry and I.  We’re both experienced wing eaters.  Bill Enright of Football Nation is already coughing up excuses for why he’ll lose this event.  I’ve already beaten him, before I’ve eaten a single wing.

The bell rings and the competition begins.  I jump out to an early lead and never look back.  After 60 seconds the count is…
Frankie C.  6 wings devoured

Kerry J. Byrne  3 wings lightly French kissed

Billy Enright 1 wing that he had a hard time making eye contact with

That’s the first event of the Mancathalon  in the books and the cream is already rising to the top.  Keep an eye out for frequent future updates as we trek ourselves mile by mile down the bayou for the big game!

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