Former Bears WR David Terrell Says He'd Cut Off His Balls To Play W Jay Cutler

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Jun 14, 2013

David Terrell was recently rated as one of the Bears' all time draft mistakes by the publication Redeye Chicago.

Upon seeing this news, Terrell issued a statement in his defense to Redeye. A bold statement.

"My first year, we was one game from the Super Bowl, and I think I was a big, big piece in a lot of those wins. I think I may have won four, five games for my team. I mean, hey, maybe I didn’t win ‘em all by myself, but I sure played a big part."

Use of the term "big" is subjective here. Terrell caught 34 passes for 415 yards and 4 TD in his first year. The 2001 Bears overachieved at 13-3 but lost in the Divisional Round to the Philadelphia Eagles. So they were actually one game away from being one game from the Super Bowl. 

Those are just minor details, I suppose, for Terrell.

There's more:

"Then the last year, I led the league for like the first four games with Rex Grossman at quarterback. Until Rex Grossman breaks his foot against Minnesota. Did you forget that? I think you musta’ forgot about that. Man, I led the league in like every category basically until Rex broke his foot."

Terrell's last year in Chicago, 2004, he finished with 42 receptions for 699 yards and 1 TD. None of those 1 TD's came during the first four games. However, Terrell did tally 16 catches for 267 yards during that span. 

When your argument hinges on the availability of Rex Grossman, you are stretching. You're stretching even more when you're willing to chop off your man parts for the chance to catch passes from Jay Cutler. 

"I would have cut off both my balls. I’d give those up, no problem. You could have neutered me. I woulda been neutered with a smile."

Terrell presumably caught a pass or two from Cutler during his failed attempts at making the Broncos roster in 2006 and 2007. Thankfully, he didn't feel like getting neutered then.

This begs the question: what is David Terrell willing to do to catch passes from Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees or Tom Brady?

My money is on animal sacrifices with lots of flames in a ritualistic ceremony that sees his quarterback of choice brand him with the quarterback's name and number.

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