Elvis Presley death: photos of Elvis playing football

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Aug 16, 2012

Elvis Presley died 35 years ago today. Cat could sing. A little sobering for your friendly neighborhood Potentate of Pigskin. He was 12 days older than I am today when he went to that Great Big Gospel Choir in the Sky.

Guess that's why the guidance counselor told me that "King of Rock and Roll" was not the best career option. But hey, look at me today!

Searching the magical interwebs, I found this Australian Elvis website here, with pictures of the King playing touch football in 1956, soon after his first big breakout hits. Ask the interwebs and ye shall receive. Apparently it was a publicity stunt set up by Col. Parker (no relation to Col. Blaik or Gen. Neyland). 

Turns out Elvis more than just the King. He was a Pioneer of Pigskin, too, doing it on the gridiron with his arms, his feet and his raw brazen machismo.

Elvis running the option, 55 years before fellow Son of the South Tim Tebow popularized it in the NFL.

Elvis going deep. Methinks it's no coincidence this is the same year that Johnny Unitas launched his streak of 47 consecutive games with a touchdown pass.

The King was the total pigskin package. Here he is recklessly charging into the line. No pads. No facemask. No fear. That's why he is the King, folks ... and you're not.

Photos were credited to Barney Sellers of Commercial Appeal.

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