Dour Bill Belichick Uses Smile to Mask Identity

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Jan 08, 2014

Bill Belichick is famed for cleverly disguising defenses.

The famously dour coach apparently also has a way to cleverly disguise his own identity: by smiling.

A funny story today in New Hampshire's Seacoast Online reports that a smiling Bill Belichick actually confused a New England woman named Natalie Healy, the mother of New Hampshire Navy SEAL Daniel Healy, who died in Afghanistan in 2005.

He's one of the SEALs portrayed in the new movie "Lone Survivor."

Jeff McMenemy of Seacoast Online writes that Natalie Healy was at a reception for the movie in Hingham, Mass. when she went up to a man sitting at a table and said:

"Excuse me sir you look kind of familiar. Were you in the movie?' and they all started laughing,” Healy recalled.

“So Mark (Wahlberg) said, no that's Coach (Bill) Belichick from the New England Patriots, so then they fell over (laughing).

"Healy then replied, “'Oh I'm so sorry sir, I didn't recognize you because you were smiling so much,' and they fell over again.”

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