Cue The Rocky Theme Song! Frankie C.'s Excellent Adventure

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Jan 26, 2013

Frankie C. draws inspiration for the Mancathlon from this forgotten piece of classical music.


In the next 3 days, 3 proud men are going to define what it means to be a Mancathelete.

Two come from Boston, where it's civilized and the pillars of western society ensure freedom and liberty for our nation since it's founding.

The other hails from a corner of the earth so remote, primitive and borderline uninhabitable that we can't name it for fear of repercussions from the heavily armed post-apocolyptic motorcycle gangs that probably run the streets. Okay, I'll name it. Bill's from New Jersey. Like you couldn't tell from the description. 

What goes into the making of a Mancathelete? Is it long hours in dimly lit barrooms? Marathon football stat studying sessions? A life spent dodging certain death on the streets of Jersey? How do you measure a Mancathalete's heart?

Is it with the Eye of the Tiger?

Today the Football Nation Crew begins, in earnest, our trip to New Orleans.  Along the way, we'll engage in games of Manly Endeavor and find out the answers to these questions and many more.

In all likelyhood, we'll answer questions you'll wish no one ever asked. Won't you please take this journey with us? #RoadTripNOLA

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