Confirmed: People want Andy Reid, Romeo Crennel and Rex Ryan to lose their Jobs

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Nov 14, 2012

The popularity of the NFL mixed with the grass roots ability for disgruntled fans to voice their opinion can be a lethal cocktail. That assumes, of course, that online and social media outrage proves lethal. 

This formula can produce fan movements to fire the head coach. It's no longer just the media and pundits; every fan has a voice if he or she wants to project it.

Before we visit some examples, let us first pay tribute to Oxford English Dictionary's "Word of the Year"OMNISHAMBLES

Omnishambles is "a situation that is bad or mismanaged in every way."

Omnishambles could be used to describe the Philadelphia Eagles, Carolina Panthers and Kansas City Chiefs, for example.

And I'm not the only one who thinks so. 


If you'd like to see the 14-year head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles get the pink slip, you can voice your displeasure right now at the Fire Andy Reid Facebook page.

The page has more than 9,000 likes and some frighteningly funny snark from the City of Brotherly Love. 

Castillo, of course, is in reference to the recently disposed defensive coordinator of the Eagles, Juan Castillo. 

Fire Andy Reid also points out that the Philadelphia Phillies have won more recently than the Eagles -- and they haven't played since the first week of October. We did the fact-checking and sure enough, the last Eagles win was Sept. 30th.  

Lots of vitriol in Philly.


Unlike Andy Reid, Romeo Crennel was in charge of the defense in Kansas City. He already fired himself from that job. 

And people in the land of Barbecue want to baste Romeo with a pink slip. Unlike Andy Reid before him, Romeo's FB pink slip rankings aren't nearly as sky-high with a mere 43 likes on the page

And unlike Reid, this page calls for the heads of the quarterback and front office general as well. Is it safe to say the Patriots Experiment has failed miserably in Kansas City?

Yes; New England-Lite in Kanas City is omnishambles.


If you were to take an unscientific poll of what head coach's firing would make people feel good, Rex Ryan would be the likely frontrunner. 

The King Hippo of coaches has just 33 likes on Facebook, however.


Every year, the clock ticks down and Norv Turner and every year, time freezes and Turner keeps his job. There are more than 1,900 likes for the Fire Norv Turner movement. The passion is so intense Norv has his own URL: firenorvturner.com/


When one of your players pays for and publishes newspaper ad guaranteeing a Super Bowl victory and your second-year quarterback talks about how changes need to be made, you as the head coach are in the social media cross hairs. 

Nearly 500 likes to fire Ron Rivera.

Maybe it has to do with former offensive coordinators turned journeymen head coaches ... but Chan Gailey, much like Norv Turner is honored with his own web site: http://firechangailey.com/

On the FB, nearly 100 people like this idea.


In the case of Jason Garrett and America's Dumbest Team, a win over the Eagles doesn't dull the pain of loserdom. Jason Garrett (son of Mrs. Garrett) has his own Web site, although it goes back further than 2012. 

Don't think for a second Garrett's not on the Facebook chopping block, either. 

In Cincinnati, Bengals fans want to fire Marvin Lewis NOW

Fire Marvin Lewis Now is not about to get excited after the Bengals dumped the Giants in grand fashion in Week 10, either, saying: It was just one game, so let's not get too excited. Jay Gruden did open up the play calling a bit, and the Defense stepped up in a big way. The biggest shock was how they did not let up down the stretch. A good win, an exciting win - but still just one win. It will be interesting to see how we come out against KC, and even more interesting to see if Marvin goes there to win the game or simply not lose.

It will also be interesting to see which of the above mentioned coaches will get the first pink slip - and even more interesting how these factions of fans will express themselves.

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