Bourbon Street! The Crew Celebrates Media Day Domination

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Jan 31, 2013

Okay, so after my triumphant media day coup interviewing Katherine Webb, we decided to celebrate and hit the French quarter. We grab a cab down there and meet back up with Mikey who had been hanging with the RV since he dropped us off.

It’s great to be back on Bourbon St. I haven’t been here in 11 years and it hasn’t changed a bit. It’s so exhilarating.  It’s probably a lot like Charlie Bucket felt in the Chocolate factory. It’s just sensory overload and it happens as soon as you turn the corner down that street. There’s a Magic Kingdom feel to it, except with no cartoons and round-the-clock happy hour. There are lights and music as far as you can see.

It’s actually a quiet night. The streets are deserted outside of the barkers yelling at us to try their bar or strip club. I know this place is going to be bananas as we get closer to the weekend so it’s no disappointment. We’ve got all week.

Our first stop is Pat O’Brien’s for one of their signature Hurricanes. There we had some laughs with Maria the bartender. The laughs were great but the hurricane was more like a tropical storm. I remembered those drinks being ass-kickers the last time I drank them. I don’t think the drink has changed but apparently 11 years has made a slight difference in my booze tolerance.

We continued on down the road to a bar called 7/11 Heat. This is the bar that Kerry and I were at when the Patriots beat the Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI.  I had hoped that the Patriots would be here in New Orleans this year. If they had, I intended to find my way back to that bar and into the general area of where I sat so that I could bring them so good superstitious Juju. I guess I’ll have to save that move for the next New Orleans Super Bowl. I’ll just have to pray the Pats are still contenders.

So I go inside the bar to relive the glory anyway. Inside I ordered a Bud bottle and before I can even argue the girl opens and hands me three of them. I drink one standing there and put the other two in a giant plastic cup to leave the bar and take on the street with me, which in New Orleans is perfectly legal. Have I mentioned how great it is to be back in town?

Back outside, we cut off Bourbon St and head down to the Riverfront for dinner. Along the way I’m still working on my giant beer.

We get down to the restaurant Kerry wants to go to, but it’s closed for the night. We opt for plan B and strike out for K Paul’s, which is a Paul Prudhomme restaurant. We enjoyed a terrific meal served to us by a waiter named Conner who has a handlebar mustache. In case you were wondering, Conner confirmed that the man doesn’t choose the mustache, the mustache chooses the man.

We finish dinner and since the Quarter is dead anyway, we decide to trek back to the hotel and call it a night.  We’ll be back at it in the morning.

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