Barcadia Super Bowl Party! Wicked Sloth In New Orleans!

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Feb 03, 2013

Friday morning, Kerry and I grabbed breakfast down in the hotel lobby and Nick and Jay showed up. We exchanged war stories from the night before. Those guys are awesome. We finish up breakfast and head back to the room to finish some stuff up.

The first Football Nation official Super Bowl party gets under way at 2pm. We have to get ourselves to Barcadia on 601 Tchoupitoulas St. by 12:30ish to set up.

We head to Barcadia and connect with the guys from Bent RV as the showcase of our tailgate. It's parked right outside and the the Davio’s folks are there.  The Pulse network guys already have a little area set up where Kerry and Butch are going to have be doing a live show that is going to be available online (already aired, obviously).

The RV is an incredibly sweet ride: 42-feet long and nicer than most people's homes. Seriously. The owner, Brian Bent, give us and Miss USA a tour of the ride. It's pretty amazing. This is the way to travel, folks: bed, bathroom, wheels, home and office all in one package.

It was still early and I wasn’t sure how to behave drinking wise. Just to be on the safe side, I grab a beer and a shot.

A guy Kerry and I grew up with from our neighborhood, Jim Dennett, and his wife Kristen show up and we all get reacquainted over some beers. Jim’s been in the army for the last 20 years and the family is living somewhere just outside the city.

Barcadia is a sweet little spot. They’ve got garage doors for windows and it’s a beautiful day so they pop those open so it feels like you’re outside. They have an assortment of vintage video games there too, if you’re into that. I have vivid memories of getting my ass kicked at Donkey Kong in the arcade of the Quincy Youth Hockey rink. I doubt that the twenty seven years I’ve spent not playing are going to make me suddenly good at it.

The party gets underway and we have a great crowd including Miss USA Nana Meriwether.

Butch and Kerry interview her for the broadcast while I drink. Newsflash! Nana Meriwether is stunningly beautiful. She’s spectacular. Honestly though, I wasn’t attracted to her. I felt like I was looking at a lion or some other exotic animal. Weird, right? It might have been the beer thinking.

The highlight of her interview was Butch wearing the Miss USA sash. So Nana departs and I spend my time buzzing around the party. There’s a jenga game made of shortened 2 x 4 planks that I’m fascinated with watching.

Retired Patriot left tackle Matt Light arrives and does an interview on our little set. I’m thrilled to meet him. I turn into a 14 year old when I meet patriots. Or anyone, I suppose. Nevermind.

Butch and Kerry also interview Steve from Davio’s and the owner of Barcadia. I was even called up to talk to Butch towards the end of the show. God knows I love camera time.

I thought the party went terrifically.  By the time we shut it down, I had a terrific buzz cooking too. It was decided that we would go back to Cochon with Jim, Kristen and Jay Hajj. So we walked to the restaurant (it was just up the street). I noticed actor David Arquette sitting at one of the tables outside.

We were seated a couple tables away and we order just about everything on the menu. People were raving about the alligator, but again, I’m not sure it’s my thing. A little too rubbery, maybe?

Following dinner, Kerry and I were up in the hotel room, and I was whisker away from calling it a night. It was around 8pm. I’m so run down from all this partying. I swear it takes a toll. But, we’re in New Orleans and I haven’t been here in twelve years. I decide to rally.

Down in the lobby we see Butch and Nick. They’re going to go get dinner. We’re supposed to meet up with them later.

We grab a taxi down to the French Quarter. We strolled down Bourbon and stopped in a few places. There was a cool bar with a mechanical bull where we enjoyed watching a few ladies get thrown off. I was tempted to give it a try, but I don’t think the point is to have middle aged, fat guys bouncing all over the place.

After a couple hours we made our way to the riverfront and had a crawfish and shrimp dinner. I know I had to be eating crawfish the wrong way. If the only meat on that thing is in the tail, then it seems like a lot of work without a lot of payoff. They might as well boil up some of those Sea Monkeys that they used to sell in the backs of comic books when I was a kid.

Billy meets up with us at the restaurant. We have a beer with him. Kerry’s calling it a night and I’m not inclined to disagree. I’m wiped out. Meeting up with the pulse network guys will have to wait. Billy decides to return to Bourbon St. and melts into the night. Kerry and I start up the street to somewhere we can catch a cab. The French quarter is gridlocked. I can’t imagine why anyone would even try to drive down there.

Somewhere around Canal St., it’s becoming obvious we’re not going to be able to catch a cab. So, we decide to go to plan B. There’s a cute young girl in a pedicab (it’s a bicycle rickshaw) and she’s willing to drag 500 lbs of Kerry and me to our hotel. We hop in. Bella is the girls name. She’s an aspiring actress and a real sweetheart. She huffed and puffed and got us to the hotel unharmed.

The poor thing had to get off the bike and stretch when we got back to the hotel. I’m serious. When we shook hands after paying her she was soaking wet from sweat. We did give her a great tip, so hopefully it was worth the effort.

That’s Friday in a nutshell, Fans. I’ll be cranking out the retelling of Saturday shortly.

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