Back In The Bayou! Media Day!

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Jan 29, 2013

Frankie C. interviews football's current "It" girl Katherine Webb


It was a long road, but we’ve arrived at the Big Easy! We travelled over 1600 miles in roughly 3 days and we pulled into our hotel this morning around 9 a.m. Media Day started at 10 a.m. so we had just enough time to run through the shower and get prettied up for the big session.  

Those that know me know I’m never one to pat myself on the back, but I’m looking pretty handsome.

Kerry’s got some stuff to catch up on so it’s me and Billy taking on the madness at the Super Dome. We get there and start to do our thing. We’ve split up the duties like this. Bill gets video of the interviews while I grab still photos of the players and coaches in the booths. Bill gives me a little camera and we part ways.

I look around and realize, I’m on the field that the Super Bowl will be played on in 5 days. I repeat, I’m ON THE FIELD. I am so damned lucky.

The 49ers session is first. I get to work. About 20 pictures deep, the camera stops taking pics. It turns out the memory card is full. I start to panic and call Bill over and over. He’s not picking up though, because he’s busy getting video. Inspiration strikes and I get the rest with my phone. I’m already feeling like I’m failing at the journalist thing, again.

Most of what I picked up while taking my photos is the same generic stuff you hear in every press conference.

Thank God for Randy Moss. Randy was discussing his place in history as a wide receiver and didn’t shy away from saying, numbers aside, he was the best. I’ve got news for you, Randy. Numbers INSIDE, you’re the best I’ve ever seen do it.

The 49er session ends and I find Bill down in the end zone. We head up and get some lunch from the area they’ve set up to feed the media. While in the cafeteria area, I’m seated so I’m looking at a gorgeous woman who looks like the grown-up version of Winny Cooper from The Wonder Years. I’m in love again.

The Ravens media day session is about to start so I peel myself off the floor next to Winny’s chair and head back in. This time, Bill gives me a portable video camera so I can film more “Hot Chicks Super Bowl Picks” spots.

First, though, I have to grab more still shots of the Raven players. So, I make my way around the field snapping photos of the Raven players with their own booth.

I finish the still shots and now I’m free to walk around filming the predictions of the hotties in the room. I’m psyched. I roll up to my first subject, a gorgeous ESPN deportes reporter who speaks very little English, which is fine with me because she’s so smoking hot, she could rattle off a recipe for arcenic meatballs in her native tongue and I won’t care in the least.

I’m nervous when I approach her, because I feel like I’m faking the journalism thing, but she could not have been any sweeter. I hit the power button and the camera comes to life. I film her introducing herself, ask her a prediction for the game and she tells me what she likes about the Super Bowl. No matter, I’m in love again.

So, with our interview complete I thank the young lady for her time and tell her to enjoy the game.

I look down to reset the camera for the next interview and that’s when I see that the battery for the camera is dead. I’m not sure if the girl I spoke to could tell but she’d been on camera all day and my subconscious is convinced she knew. It’s another massive failure for your faithful Frankie C.

At this point there’s about 10 minutes left in the media session. I try to call Bill again, to see if he can help me. There’s no answer again. Twice we’ve parted ways and twice I haven’t been able to do the job due to some defect in the equipment. I wind up finding a place to chill out for the remainder of the session.

Bill calls me back at the end, and finally with some working equipment we manage to get some really cool shots with some extremely pretty girls.

We finish up inside and head out to the shuttle buses only to find new American “It” girl, Katherine Webb. She turns out to be a real sweetheart and let’s us do a brief interview before she’s whisked away by her publicist. We’ll be posting these videos and many more in the coming days. Stay tuned!!!  

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