Another Mancathalon Event In The Books! Results Included!

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Jan 31, 2013

Wednesday morning Kerry and Bill were working in the hotel room so I took the opportunity to walk around and enjoy the warmth and humidity.

I walked down to the French quarter got a coffee and window shopped. There are some really cool antique stores and art galleries on Royal St.

I’d been walking for about an hour when I came to a corner and suddenly the wind shifted, the temperature dropped 20 degrees and the sky opened up. I hustled a couple blocks to the Hotel Monteleone and went inside to dry off and have breakfast.

Our buddy Wally’s dad once famously said, “Always buy breakfast, it’s the cheapest meal of the day.” I’m pretty sure Wally’s dad never ate breakfast at the Hotel Monteleone.

After catching a cab back to the hotel, Kerry and Bill were still working. I did what I do best and took a nap.

When I got up, the three of us headed over to Cochon, a Cajun restaurant around the corner from the hotel.  The food was phenomenal. We had fried alligator, crawfish pie, wood roasted oysters, black eyed pea gumbo and for dessert, a chocolate and peanut butter pie. The alligator wasn’t my cup of tea but everything else was out of this world.

We basically rolled out of the restaurant and decided to burn some of the food off by walking over to the convention center and checking out radio row. It’s awesome. The room is electric. There are dozens of shows being cranked out. We hang around a bit and then take off back to the hotel.

Later on, Kerry’s got a friend to meet with in the hotel bar. So, Bill and I hang around and down a couple beers. Jeremiah is a guy Kerry and I met the night before at the bar and he’s going to join us for a night on the town. We have a shot to celebrate.

Word comes in that Butch Stearns is going to be joining us when he gets into the hotel.  He and the pulse network are working with us this week so we’re going to hit the town. We have a shot to celebrate.

So, Butch arrives and we all grab a cab to the French quarter. We have to meet up at one of the restaurants with another person we’re working with, Traci Coulter. Inside the bar we find Traci eating a po’boy that she swears she can’t finish. Kerry and I free her of that burden.

Next to Traci is a guy that we wind up striking up a conversation with. It turns out he’s in the whiskey business and he and Kerry have friends in common. We all have a shot to celebrate.

So after collecting Traci, we have to get Butch and Nick some food. They still haven’t had a chance to eat since rolling into town. It’s decided that we’re going to Oceana, which is supposed to have the best seafood in town.

Honestly the restaurant didn’t impress me. We had some raw oysters, but they just weren’t anywhere near as good as the oysters we get back home. I could only eat one of them.

The highlight of the dinner was the conversation. Butch had us commenting on what the best sporting event you’d ever attended in person was. Butch is a charismatic dude. Everyone was getting along great and having a blast.

After dinner we went back to Pat O’Brien’s and filmed the 3rd event in our Epic Mancathalon, the Hurricane Chug.  The video will be posted soon, but the results are here for your enjoyment. In first place and finally making an appearance on the leader board is the Potentate of Pigskin, Mr. Kerry Byrne. Second place goes to Billy Enright and limping across the finish line is Frankie C.

I didn’t have a good showing in the event but the hurricane has kicked my buzz into extra overdrive. Our crew works its way around the bar to the dueling piano room. The room is packed but we wind up getting a table. Steve Levy from ESPN joins us. Everyone is laughing and singing along with the pianos.

Right about that time, two things occur to me. I am very banged up, and I want to go to the nudie bar. So, I sneak out of the room and into the night. I find the Hustler club on Bourbon Street and go in. Inside I find a seat and order a drink. There’s a girl who climbs up a pole and literally starts doing pull-ups from the ceiling of the club.

Suddenly I’m mobbed by the strippers. One after the next comes up to give me the hard sell on a lap dance. I feel like I’m suffocating. I have to get out of there.

So, I stumble back out to the street and I don’t know which direction I came from so I walk two blocks the wrong way and then course correct back to Canal St. where I catch a cab back to the hotel.

I can barely keep my eyes open in the cab. I’m a certified mess. Finally back in the hotel room, I take a cocktail of three Excedrine Migraine, three ibuprofen and a cup of water and baking soda. From there I climb into bed and pass out cold.

I wake up on Thursday and get dressed to go get some coffee. I find my clothes and my hotel room key and what was in my pockets the night before. Well, everything except my wallet.

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