AFC East: Jets Diss Tebow Again; Tap Sanchez To Start Final Game

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Dec 28, 2012

by Kennedy Ross

Cold, Hard Football Facts AFC East Overlord (@FNscribeNY)

It's a good thing the regular season is over because the football world couldn't take another in-season derailment by the New York Jets. With starter Greg McElroy sidelined with a concussion, the Jets brings Sanchez back under center instead of Tim Tebow. While the Patriots sharpen their claws on the other AFC East cast away, the Miami Dolphins.

Here are five things you should be aware of for the final week of the season.

1. No one skins dem' Bills like Sanchez. (Jets vs Bills)

This is your classic case of the blind versus the mentally challenged. The fun is figuring out who is who. Truth is, there is case to be made for both afflictions with your world class bumbling Jets.

You have to be off your rocker to make the moves the Jets have made in just the past month alone. Throw in the off season and the rest of the year and you have full blown insanity. And the Jets are the only ones who are blind to the madness.

The Jets move back to Mark Sanchez for this last game. He is 6-1 against the Bills which is the Jets only sign of sanity in this situation. But the last victory over the Bills came on the first game of the year. A virtual lifetime ago in the wake of the mania.

The Jets still can't run and still can barely stop the run. It's now a historical fact by now that the Jets line can't protect any quarterback which makes the passing game what it's been . . . god awful.

The Bills have folded up their tents and is just waiting for the final whistle. With their last bit of motivation of being a spoiler, they still lost their 10th game last week to the Dolphins.

They have millions of dollars worth of talent on their team and their play isn't worth a plug nickel. At one point they had the number one rushing attack in the league but even that has slipped down the ladder.

This game will come down to who shoots themselves in the foot the most or last. In the end, no one will care either way.

2. One last rehearsal before the real show. (Patriots vs Dolphins)

The Patriots got a late start to their game against the Jaguars last week. It made the game interesting, but left New England fans a tad nervous.

Tom Brady had to shake off a couple of early turnovers and the team as a whole had to focus on the fact that although terrible, they were still playing an NFL team.

But when you are top 10 in passing and rushing in the league, sometimes it just takes a flick of a switch. 

The Dolphins have a bit more life left in them than the Jaguars do so the Patriots will have to come into this game fully awake.

Dolphins rookie Ryan Tannehill continues to scratch up wins for his team. He was won his last two games with effective if not statistically impressive play.

Reggie Bush has seemed to have gotten into a little rhythm over that time as well. His season has not gone the way he or his team had expected. But he is still in there plugging away for his quarterback.

Unfortunately guts and sweat, while important, is not going to get the job done against the upper crust of the league. And you don't get much crustier than the New England Patriots.

Going into the giants lair won't make things any easier. But these Dolphins aren't planning on making things easy.

3. One for the road.

So, upon hearing that their freshly minted starter, Greg McElroy, suffered a concussion during that cell block riot he was a part of last week, the Jets needed a new starter.

In the last meaningless game of the season, they surely would give their "designated No.2" quarterback the shot. But of course this is the "Insane Clown Posse", otherwise known as the New York Jets. Rex Ryan spat one last loogie in Tim Tebow's face as he reinserted Mark Sanchez back into the starting line up.

You remember Mark Sanchez? The last time he was seen, he was throwing four interceptions, losing one fumble, and destroying the last chance the Jets had at the playoffs. Yeah, that Mark Sanchez.

Now, while the Jets are not playing for the post season, many of them are playing for their next season lives. Although it is a bit hard to imagine many involved in this debacle wanting to return to the same situation next year. But, you gotta pay those bills.

Ryan even went along with the besmirchment of Tebow's good name by not shooting down reports that Tebow asked to not be in the wildcat package since he was passed over as the starter last week.

Ryan neither confirmed nor denied the accusations which in this world is as good as admitting ones guilt or cosigning on the guilt of another.

Even though it's not his style, Tebow might get a tattoo of a crown of thorns on his head for the cross he has had to bear in a Jets uniform this year. But he will wish the Jets well as he journeys down south where it's nice and hot. No, not Hell. Just NFL Hell.

4. Still some wiggle room.

The Patriots still have a lot of room to maneuver in the playoff seating. 

  1. With a win, a Houston loss and a Denver loss they will have the No.1 seed
  2. With a win, a Houston loss and a Denver win they will have the No.2 seed
  3. With a loss and a Houston win they will have the No.3 seed
  4. With a loss and a Baltimore win they will have the No.4 seed

5. You can sleep well knowing . . . 

 . . . Don't morn for Tim Tebow. He is going to a better place.

 . . .  With this last chance, Sanchez actually has a chance to make his situation even worse than it is now.

 . . .  Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum is already being rumored to be replaced. If he advises on his replacement, he may have his job back by the middle of next season.

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