Aaron Rodgers, Andy Reid and Richard Sherman React to NFL Week 2

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Sep 16, 2013

By Patrick Imig
Cold Hard Football Facts Ears of the NFL (@patrickimig)

Notable quotes from Planet Pigskin in response to Week 2. He who said the quote is listed in bold.


“I didn’t feel great before the game, my neck was really bothering me, it was stiff.”

Aaron Rodgers didn’t feel well and completed 34/42 passes for 480 yards and four touchdowns. He tied Matt Flynn’s club record for passing yards while Flynn sang backup for Terelle Pryor in Oakland.

Rodgers may or may not admit to tweaking his neck after sitting on a plane doing the daaa-ble check.


“Last time I was in the stadium, we stomped the 49ers.”

This was Macklemore, the rapper.

You can bet the 49ers “Can’t Hold” the Seahawks, that Colin Kaepernick plays like a “Thrift Shop” quarterback in Seattle and that Seattle and the 12th Man share a “Same Love”.

With your Pop Culture awareness test, I’m Rick Reilly,



“They played a hell of a game.”

Jim Harbaugh could also say the Seattle Seahawks dominated and that the 49ers are helpless in Seattle.


“We’ve got a helluva team in the making.”

Joe Philbin is being unfairly persecuted as an improper grammarian. The Dolphins site quotes Phlibin saying “helluva” unlike the rigid Jim Harbaugh who says “hell of a”.

Fun fact: Regis Philbin says “helluva” a hell of a lot more than Joe Philbin.


“You know, we really don’t have that good of a time.”

This was Phil Simms talking about Inside the NFL with Phil Simms, Cris Collinsworth and James Brown.

As Clark W. Griswold says to Mary in the lingerie shop, “No sh*t.”


“Players they feel that, believe it or not, especially when the ground’s shaking. When our fans are going you can feel that field and it just kind of rumbles. It’s crazy. Awesome feeling.”

If you take out the part where Andy Reid says “when our fans are going”, you could make a case he’s discussing his appetite rumbling for more KC BBQ rather than the Arrowhead crowd.


“You can’t be sloppy with the trash talk. Get some creativity. You have to be well-versed.”

Richard Sherman is so creative that he created a tussle with his college coach Jim Harbaugh from scratch following Seattle’s 29-3 beating.


"He's got to be a pro and bounce back. He's our kicker and we have confidence in him."

Loose translation of Gary Kubiak’s thoughts on Randy Bullock, now 1-for-5 in field goal attempts this year: “We have confidence in him for this week ... but if he screws the pigskin pooch again he’s dead to me.”


“It’s just bad, man.”

Rodney Harrison sums up the Jacksonville Jaguars in four simple words.

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