20 Years Ago: Leon Lett ... Oh My Goodness Gracious

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Nov 27, 2013

Freaking Leon Lett

Lots of things at play in this great Leon Lett gaffe. 

1. The Dolphins came into the contest 8-2. Lett's mistake allowed a 9-2 Miami record. Oddly enough, the Dolphins would fail to win another game.

2. At one point during this video clip, Dick Enberg says Leon Lett won't be able to eat nor masticate turkey as a result of the blunder without skipping a beat.

3. The camera pan to a celebratory Jerry Jones on the Cowboys sideline is classic. It's almost the dawning of the "JerryWorld Era" that now plagues the Cowboys in Big D.

4. Ed Hochuli makes his primetime NFL debut moment. I'd have to guess this is one of highlights of his officiating career. 

5. I'd also guess Hochuli was pissed when he woke up in Dallas on Thanksgiving and saw snow, taking away any chance he could show off his guns via short sleeves. 

6. The Dolphins players clearing a kicking path for Pete Stoyanovich while the Cowboys fume is fantastic, captiviating television.

Gotta love football on Thanksgiving. 

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