20 Questions We Want Asked At Super Bowl 48 Media Day

Cold, Hard Football Facts for Jan 28, 2014

by Pat Imig
Cold Hard Football Facts Questionable Character (@patrickimig)


1. Richard Sherman: "What is your feeling on the word "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?" 


2. Pete Carroll: "What kind of gum do you chew?"


3. John Fox: "What kind of gum do you chew? Have you ever dislocated your jaw from chewing too hard?"


4. Julius Thomas: "Why isn't your nickname Orange Julius?"


5. Peyton Manning: "Do you really drive a Buick?"


6. Terrance "Pot Roast" Knighton: "Has Chris Christie tried to eat you or demanded you sit in a crock pot for eight hours?"


7. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie: "Is there a double standard for fat jokes?"


8. Roger Goodell: "So, why is the NFL registered as a non-profit again?"


9. Percy Harvin: "How many fingers am I holding up? Who is the current President of the United States?"


10. John Fox: "What was it like preparing for the Super Bowl (Super Bowl XXXV as D Coordinator Super Bowl XXXVIII as Head Coach) knowing your starting quarterbacks were Kerry Collins and Jake Delhomme?"


11. Richard Sherman: "Do you think Skip Bayless is better at life than anyone?"


12. John Elway: "What do you think of Peyton Manning's brother, demanding a trade by the team he was drafted? Pampered prima donna, no?"


13. Marshawn Lynch: "Is beast-mode more dangerous and demeaning than thug-mode?"


14. Montee Ball: "You just dropped the microphone, want me to pick that up?"


15. Demaryius Thomas: "Do you ever spell your first name wrong?"


16. Earl Thomas: "Do you think Pete Carroll could break the same rules at Texas as he did at USC?"


17. Knowshon Moreno: "Renee Fleming will the National Anthem this Sunday … are you already tearing up?"


18. Russell Wilson: "Why are you so boringly perfect?"


19. Von Miller: "Does the weed affect you differently now that it's legal?"


20. Chris Berman: "Why are you soliciting interviews from the media?"

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